1.The Lotus Eaters

Odyssey Book 9

Lotus-eatersAfter a long voyage, Odysseus arrives on an island on which the people only eat one plant, the lotus. The plant is like a drug,it gets you dizzy and you loose all your common sense. Some of Odysseus men try the plant and lose all their memory and willing to go home. He takes them back to the ship by force and hurries to leave the island before another of his men try the plant.

‘Thence for nine days’ space I was borne by direful winds over the teeming deep; but on the tenth we set foot on the land of the Lotus-eaters, who eat a flowery food….and the Lotus-eaters did not plan death for my comrades, but gave them of the lotus to taste. And whosoever of them ate of the honey-sweet fruit of the lotus, had no longer any wish to bring back word or to return, but there they were fain to abide among the Lotus-eaters, feeding on the lotus, and forgetful of their homeward way…’

The place in the real world

An Island in North Africa, possibly actual Djerba, Tunisia

Proof or evidences

The Berber people that live there appropriated themselves the myths and declared they were the successors of the lotus eaters.

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