10-Helios cattle and Calypso’s island.

Odyssey Book 12

Odysseus arrives to Thrinacia the island of Helios cattles. They stay there for a month and eat their provisions that they had on the ship. When the provisions are gone, Odysseus crew member disobey him, kill and eat the cattles of the sun god. To punish Odysseus men, Zeus sends another storm that destroys their ship and sends the entire crew in the waves. Only Odysseus survives. He reaches Ogygia, Calypso’s island.

The place in the real world


Proof and evidences

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Odyssey Book 12 (Calypso):

‘”There is an isle, Ogygia, which lies far off in the sea. Therein dwells the fair-tressed daughter of Atlas, guileful Calypso, a dread goddess, and with her no one either of gods or mortals hath aught to do; but me in my wretchedness did fate bring to her hearth alone, for Zeus had smitten my swift ship with his bright thunderbolt, and had shattered it in the midst of the wine-dark sea.’

Odysseus drifts and arrives on Calypso’s island where she rescue him and keeps him prisoner for 7 years. After 7 years, Hermes tells Calypso to let him leave. Odysseus builds a raft and leaves he.

The place in the real world

Gozo island in Malta

Proof and evidences

Homer describes an island on the middle of the sea “at the end of the world”. The island is not far from the island of her father Atlas.


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