2. At the Cyclops Island

Odyssey Book 9

Polyphemus Odysseus and his men arrive on the island of the cyclops Polyphemus. There they explore and find the cyclops’ cave in which they start eating his food and partying. The cyclops comes back, and is very mad so he and eats two of Odysseus men. Odysseus wants to kill the cyclops when he is asleep but he knows that he won’t be able to move the huge rock in front of the cave to escape so he doesn’t kill the cyclops. The next day while Polyphemus is absent they make a wooden spike and hide it. When the cyclops comes back he takes 2 other men and later goes to sleep. When the cyclops is finally sleeping, Odysseus put the spike in the cyclops eye. The next morning they escape under the rams and leave the island. The cyclops throws a rock at Odysseus ship and barely miss them. Odysseus reveals his true identity to the cyclops.

 The place in the real world

Island close to Sicilia

The small islands next to Etna that Homer describes would be the rocks thrown by the cyclops.Also the passage of Odysseus would go through this island. This is today called the “Cyclops riviera”  from Catania to Acireale along Sicily’s  eastern coast.

Want to travel there ?



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