4. Laestrygonians island

Odyssey Book 10

‘…we came to the lofty citadel of Lamus, even to Telepylus of the Laestrygonians, where herdsman calls to herdsman as he drives in his flock, and the other answers as he drives his forth.’

They arrive of the island of Laestrygonians who are giants that eat humans. Odysseus sends a couple men to look around,they knock at the door of one giant house and one man gets eaten and the giants start attacking the other ships and men while they are escaping. All the ships start leaving while the giants are throwing rocks them. Only Odysseus ship escapes.

The place in real world

Sardinia, Porto Pozzo

Proof or evidence

Homer describes a spring of water next to the coast that can truly be seen when looking at the cost of the island in the real world.


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