5. Circle’s island

Odyssey book 10

They sail again and arrive on the island of Circe. Some of his men go look around and find the house of Circe. They are invited inside but only one man does not accept the offer. The foolish men that went in the house get turned into pigs. The one that didn’t get in the house runs back to the ship to tell Odysseus. Odysseus decides to go fight Circe but on his way there, Hermes gives him a plant to not get turned into a pig like his men. When Odysseus arrives at Circe’s house, he is also invited to eat and the goddess tries to turn him into a pig but she fails. She is impressed and Odysseus makes a deal with Circe to delivers his men. Odysseus and his crew stay on Circe’s island for a year. Then they decide to leave and Circe tells them to go to the underworld and go talk to the prophet. Before they leave one of Odysseus man falls from the roof while being drunk and dies.

The place in the real world

Mt.Circeo, Italy

Proof or evidences

Circeo in italien means Circe which is the goddess who lives on the island. Also the island is on the path that Odysseus follows on his journey home.


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