6.The Land of the Dead

Odysseus Book 11

Odysseus and his men sail off in the land of Cimmerians. There he performs a sacrifice of a goat. He goes in the underworld and sees many ghosts. The first ghost he sees in Elpenor who begs him to go back to Circe’s island t bury him ,then Odysseus speaks with the Prophet Tiresias, who tells him that Poseidon punished him for blinding Polyphemus his son.  He also tells him that he will get home one day but he will suffer on his way. He also gives Odysseus crucial advises. Then when he is done he speaks with the ghost of his mother and some other famous people that he meet before. Most of them want to come back to life. Odysseus is frightened and goes back to his ship. They sail back to Circle’s island.

The place in the real world

The Phlegraean Fields, also known as Campi Flegrei, is a large volcano situated to the west of Naples, Italy.

Proof and evidence

At the bottom of a crater was a lac where the old civilizations claimed the entrance of the Underworld.


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